1st price in Statens Kunstfonds COMPETITION "Can We Design a New Country?".

Out of 76 teams we won the competiton with our strategy/manifesto on how to solve the challenges of society today. 

Team: Sofie von der Pahlen, Elisabetta Paustian, Julie Aebischer Nørgaard.

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People migrate from the countryside to the city. This global tendency is also a part of the Danish reality. People want to live in neighborhoods with people in the same segment and this tendency poses huge challenges to the cohesion of society.

We approach these challenges introducing Multigenerational Living as a housing strategy for the next century - a strategy for new neighborhoods or a densification of the existing.

ultigenerational Living does away with the segregation and institutionalization of our society, thus establishing a strong local community for all generations.

The challenges of the demographic change with more people getting older is met by providing elderly people with the social interaction they often lack and therefore seek through welfare services.

By rethinking the zoning and placement of common space and social business within living areas, Multigenerational Living heightens the common social responsibility, enriches people’s quality of life and improves social and economic welfare.

The strategy establishes the size of a community that everyone can actually comprehend and be part of. At the same time it provides space for alternative ways of living for the many that have not chosen the traditional family life that has been the key focus of the last century's planning.

o solve global issues we need to focus locally and handle